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XVAPE Fog Pro Vaporizer


XVAPE FOG PRO is XVAPE’s newest convection vaporizer for dry herbs and concentrates. 

XVAPE FOG PRO is an improvement on the original XVAPE FOG. Adopting the most cutting-edge convection heating technology, adding an OLED screen with precise temp control and haptic feedback, and deploying USB-C charging and higher battery capacity, FOG PRO is greatly improved in every aspect and able to do a top-notch job with smooth and flavorful vapor. 

Fog Pro has a portable size of 1.71*1.0*3.95 inches, can easily be fit in any pockets or purse, discreet enough to bring along. The body is made from anodized aluminum material, polished and smooth to hold. 

The most significant improvement on Fog PRO is the CONVECTION technology.  XVAPE has been exploring better heating tech all the time with massive research and experiments. And here comes the FOG PRO bearing the fruit, larger heat-absorbing area, and more efficient heating elements lead to faster heating-up speed (15 seconds to 180℃) and even vapor. 

The mouthpiece is another innovative design on FOG PRO. To bring a better vaping experience and taste, a jewelry-grade zirconia mouthpiece tip, a stainless steel filter, and a ceramic cooling airflow box are combined to form an isolated and odorless air path in the mouthpiece. Zero interfaces with any undesired odorous material that might affect the vapor taste. The vapor will only go through stainless steel and ceramic material.

What’s new on FOG PRO is the OLED screen (Which the original fog doesn’t have). Operation from the original one button to three buttons, precise temp control is made possible with easy “up” and “down” adjustment. The haptic feedback function is convenient to indicate readiness during your vaping process. 

To make it easy for cleaning, a handy scraping tool can be pulled out at the bottom of FOG PRO for instant use.  (Note: Don’t use the scraping tool while your device is on. ) 

A removable 18650 battery is kept in FOG PRO, but with a higher capacity, 3200 MAH. The device can be charged in two ways. It’s recommended to use the provided USB-C cable to charge your FOG PRO. However, the battery cell can also be removed and charged with an external 18650 battery charger. 


  • A high-grade aluminum material body
  • Jewelry grade Zirconia mouthpiece 
  • New convection technology
  • Compact Size
  • Changeable working session time: 5 minutes and 10 minutes.
  • Changeable 18650 battery cell 3200MAH
  • USB-C charging
  • Isolated air-path
  • Waxy cup for concentrate use
  • OLED screen
  • Built-in scraping tool

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