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Raw Pre-Rolled Cone Lean 800 Pieces



New from Raw® are the Raw Cone Lean Pre-Rolled Cones which are 110mm in length with a much larger 40mm filter tip. As well as a larger filter tip the other difference between the Lean Cones is that the diameter of the cone at the top end (opposite side to the tip) is only 7mm. The classic and organic cones are 9mm in diameter so with the LEAN you end up with a lot less paper but you still get the king size length. The advantage of a smaller cone shape is you burn more to start and a lot less as you finish off the cone. Raw® use the same high quality unbleached natural rolling paper for the Lean cones as they do with the rest of the Raw® cones.

Raw Cone Lean
All Natural, Additive-Free, 100% Vegan
King Size Cone
Diameter of Cone: 7mm
Length: 110mm
Natural Gum
Easy Storage
Unbleached Paper