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Pure Hemp Kingsize Smoking Papers- 50 Packs per Box

Pure Hemp

Pure Hemp Kingsize Smoking Papers are made from 100% Pure Hemp rolling paper and use natural Arabic gum which sticks every time. Each rolling ppaer comes with a Pure Hemp stamp watermark, the paper burns slowly and has no after taste. The paper is not super thin, its thin and easy to roll with. One single pack contains 33 rolling papers. A proper KS paper, 110mm x 53mm in width.
Benefits of using hemp.
Hemp requires little or no pesticides as it is naturally pest resistant, and when grown in rotation has been known to reduce pests in future crops.
Hemp requires no herbicides as it is grown densely and naturally out competes weeds.
Hemp's deep root system does not rape the earth of it's essential minerals and helps to improve the earth/soil for the next crop in the rotation.
Pure Hemp Kingsize
Arabic Natural Gum
No Chemicals
Thin Rolling Paper
Burns Evenly & Slow
Size: 110mm x 53mm

33 Papers per Pack

50 Packs per Box
Weight: 15gsm
Made In Spain