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Pulsar Barb Fire H2O Wax Vape Kit

Pulsar Barb Fire H2O Wax Vape Kit

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No matter what device you use to vaporize concentrates, the Pulsar Barb Fire H2O Wax Vape Kit is versatile enough to function as a standalone vaporizer, a mini eRig, or in combination with a bong.

It features a dual ribbon twisted Kanthal coil surrounded by a quartz post, which can be heated to precise temperatures without compromising flavor. Barb Fire H2O is equipped with a long-lasting battery that includes a heavy-duty stainless steel case. In addition, this model offers variable voltage control, which allows you to choose from four different heat settings.

The H2O kit comes with a glass bubbler attachment that measures 6 inches long. Designed from borosilicate glass, this rig has a slitted downstem that leads to an angled mouthpiece. A stainless steel base stand is included for tabletop use, and the custom carb cap fits over the opening of the bubbler. The carb cap helps regulate airflow around the concentrates as they vaporize. By adding the silicone water pipe adapter, you can use the Barb Fire with your favorite bong or dab rig.

In order to use this device for any medium of use, just load the concentrate into the atomizer, select the heat level, and enjoy! With the adjustable airflow valve, you can get the right hit every time during your session. During Sesh Mode, the device will remain ready for 10 seconds at the desired temperature: ideal for long draws or sharing with others.

The Barb Fire H2O Kit includes:
Pulsar Variable Voltage Barb Fire Unit
Metal base stand
Borosilicate glass bubbler attachment with diffused downstem
Custom aluminum carb cap
Micro-USB charger cord
Double-sided metal dab tool
Silicone water pipe adapter (fits 14mm and 19mm joints)
Replacement O-Rings
Padded hard-shell carrying case with compartment divider pad (8" x 4.75")

Tech Specs:
3 in 1 functionality
1450mAh battery capacity
Dual ribbon twist Kanthal wrapped quartz coil
Ceramic lined chamber
Heavy-duty stainless steel body
Adjustable airflow
5-second heat-up time
10-second Sesh Mode
5-minute auto-shutoff

Variable voltage with 4 heat settings:

Pulsar Barb Fire H2O Variable Voltage Wax Vape Kit | 1450mAh from Pulsar Products on Vimeo.


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