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NugSmasher Rosin Press Collection Plate


Rosin Collection Cold Plate 15cmX18cm

Our 15cm x 18 Rosin Collection Plate is made from T6 6061 aircraft grade aluminium. The Press Plate is designed to fit easily in your freezer to chill down for hassle-free collection of your rosin from the parchment paper. Helps take previously impossible to collect rosin to a low enough temp to turn into tacky shatter in most cases. Allowing you to easily collect it with your collection tool of choice.


This Rosin Press is made from aluminium, which offers a good quality contact surface.  It is made with industrial rubber feet and the small footprint handles high heat.

Rosin Press Collection Plate

Include : 

  • Rubber legs
  • Aluminium
  • Hassle-free collection of your rosin